Interpreting a "Couple Spread"

For a woman who wants to know about her relationship with a man, layout the "couple" and we read:

About the woman:
  1. the above position regarding thoughts and plans, is 24 the heart; the relationship is considered by her to be very important with strong feelings
  2. The hopes and desires position to the left of the woman, is 1 - the horseman; the woman expects a fast and imminent development of events
  3. To the right of the woman, the open quality displayed position, is card 19 - the tower; indicating a wish to build a long and stable relationship
  4. The feeling position below the woman, is 10 - the sickle which here is difficult to explain; she may fear that she could destroy the relationship or do something wrong that could damage it.
About the man:
  1. The card above the man is the 25 - the ring; here meaning unity and thoughts of harmony and solidity
  2. The right side of the man has the 35 - anchor; hope for internal feeling of durability from his partner, a linchpin that will help survive difficult situations
  3. Left of the man, the 34 - fish; open for display for other people is his rich spirtiual world, deep feelings, generosity and attention
  4. The feeling position below the man; 21 - mountain; the man feels there is a barrier or other impediment that he doesn't know how to overcome
Adding the woman's cards 24+1+19+10=54-36 =18 - Dog; to the woman, the relationship means sincere correctness and readiness to self-sacrifice

Adding the man's cards 25+35+34+21=115-36 =79-36 =43-36 = 7 - Snake; to the man, the relationship is principally based on sexual energy.

Generally, for both together, 18+7 = 25 - Ring; the card says there is a possibility of development for this relationship, a strong marriage and partnership