The "Couple" spread

This is a double layout, man and woman for relationship and psychological readings. Use this technique to indicate the internal aspects of a relationship; the existing feelings and what the couple can expect and can acheive together.

  1. Place both significator cards on the table.
  2. Mix the deck and separate into two even packs, face down next to the man and woman sides.
  3. Take the Woman's pack, deal the first card off the top and place it above the woman significator.
  4. Deal the next card off the top and place it left of the woman.
  5. Deal the next card and place it right of the woman.
  6. Deal the next card and place it below the woman.
  1. Take the Man's pack and deal the first card, placing it above the man.
  2. Deal the next card right of the man.
  3. Deal the next card left of the man.
  4. Deal the next card below the man.
Notice that man and woman are laid out in an opposite order.

  • The above position are the thoughts and plans about the relationship
  • The left of the woman and right of the man, the hopes and desires
  • The right of the woman and left of the man, which quality is displayed in the relationship
  • The below position are the feelings
  • Add the numbers for each side and subtract from 36, both seperately and together. This is the general characteristic of the relationship

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