The "Development Spread" for a quick and accurate answer

This spread is appropriate for a quick and exact answer

  1. mix up the pack of 36 cards
  2. take the top card and lay it down - for example card "16"
  3. count 16 cards off the top to get the next card in the layout - for example "13"
  4. reassemble pack (in the same order) and count 13 off the top - for example "6".
  5. add the numbers of the 3 cards to find the "advice card", (if this number is higher than 36, you subtract 36 from it). In our example, 16+13+6=35.
  6. look through the pack for this number, in our example we find "35" the anchor. This is the "advice card"
  7. IF the "35" or "36" cards appear as the first or second must stop the layout, there can be no more counting, as there will be no cards left.
*Important!* Every card is interpreted individually
  • first position is the past connecting to the present
  • second position is present
  • third position is future

  • fourth position is advice