You have cards, but how do you wield them?

My grandmother never let me touch her deck of cards!!... And when I set forth in the tradition, I also followed some simple rules of card handler:

First of all, the cards must be kept in safe and permanent place when not in use. I do not allow other people to touch the cards and risk leaving some of their individual energy. For this reason, a client shouldn't shuffle or be allowed to choose card from the deck. When they come with question, they are already concentrated on their problem and don't need more focus, they may be even overfocused... Rather, this is the time for me to focus.

After calmly listening to the postulant's question, I take up the cards and mix them in silence, many people talk and ask clarifying questions during this time, but no, it is essential to listen quietly and let them ask with their own intention and expression. Then, I can fully focus internally on the question while ruffling the cards. Another rule, "don't cross legs or arms!"

I use a burning candle during the session, for purification of gloom.

It is ok to use the same deck many times. In fact, you will develop a fellowship with them and the answers become more clear. But, God forbid you get angry at them or insult them in any way!

...these are some rules about wielding the cards, there are others, but they are family secrets...

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